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Cleyton Fernandes is a young, talented luthier and concert guitarist. He played for a long time with a guitar made by Zbigniew Gnatek and got his inspiration from the Australian school of guitar building. Cleyton is aiming for building loud and powerful guitars but with a traditional Sound and dynamics, which can offer a wide range of dynamic playing. This guitar offers dark and deep basses and clear and creamy trebles. The string separation and the sustain are amazing. 


Cleyton Fernandes is a professional guitarist, he has a Ph.D. in Musical Performance, teaches at the Brazilian Federal University close to Fortaleza Brazil and keeps an international career as a concert performer. Cleyton has been making guitars since 2016.  His guitars are played by important names of Brazilian guitar such as Everton Gloeden (Brazilian Guitar Quartet), Mario Ulloa, Gustavo Costa among others and currently, has a waiting list of 18 months producing a limited number of guitars by year. Cleyton Fernandes is one of the most important representatives of the new generation of Brazilian school of guitar building.

Cleyton Fernandes - 2021 Lattice

€ 3.900,00Price
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