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Hagi Guitarhold

The Hagi guitar hold perfects your playing position and the resonance of your guitar.

Hagi guitar hold fits for every guitar and adaptable for your body heigh.

The Guitarhold is suitable for all current guitars.

You can also install your Hagi on western guitars, jazz guitars und flamenco guitars.

Unique technology with state-of-the-art advantages:

enhancing playing stance, avoids and corrects postural deformity and supports a free breathing

usable also for left-hander

resonance optimization avoiding a tone absorbation by bodycontact

Hagi is adjustable for every body-size and stance.


Belt with the use of the buckle completly adjustable for your confortability

Rotation joint allowes flexibility for bodymotion

Foldable for easy transport

Easy to remove temporarely

The adhesive Velcro strip leaves no marks or damage - neither on conventional guitar varnishes nor on sensitive shellac polishes

Hagi guitarhold

€ 94,00Price
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