Schneider is a company that has been manufacturing guitars for four generations already. This family tradition dates back to 1924 when Albert Schneider began manufacturing the first instruments, mainly lutes and mandolins. Since the year 1930, it's been mainly guitars.


He then began to teach his craft to his son, Hugo Schneider, who attended the National Vocation School For Manufacturing Guitars And Mandolins in Luby. After graduation, he and his father began manufacturing guitars in their in-house workshop. After the war, in 1946 he resumed the workshop. In the year 1961 he passed the master's exam in Cremona Luby, and took over the entire concert guitar manufacturing branch of the Cremona company. Since 1972 he created master guitars in his in-house workshop. Apart from guitars and mandolins, he made theorbos, lutes, and vihuelas also.


In 1964 graduates, in the same school, Jan Schneider. Right after that Jan began to manufacture concert guitars in Cremona under supervision by his father, Hugo. Come year 1983, he was working in their in-house workshop with his father, producing master guitars. Their instruments were known for excellent workmanship and the best sound quality, for which they were many times awarded. At present, he's making guitars with his son, Jan Schneider, Jr.


The company's range are not only master guitars, though they are focused on them, they also manufacture instruments for beginners, students. Also, there are classical Spanish guitars and western guitars - made entirely from solid wood, or in combination with other materials.

For customers with special needs, the company produces custom-built guitars. Every time though, the instrument is made by the company's own blueprints, which not only ensures the purest sound, but also employes time-tested instrument-building excellence. Guitars that the Schneider company produces are played by musicians such as Jiří Jirmal, Lubomír Brabec, Jozef Zsapka, Luciano Tortorelli, Guitar Arte Trio, and many others.


  • Top - Solid Spruce or Ceder or Double Top
  • Back and Sides - Laminated Wood
  • Scale length - 650 mm
  • Fretboard at nut - 52 mm
  • Fretboard at 12th fret - 63 mm


Jan Schneider

€ 4.900,00Price



Tel. +386 40 566 331


Vurnikova Ulica 2

1000 Ljubljana



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