There have been many changes to methods of construction in the development of the classical guitar over the years. For generations, classical guitar players have constantly searched for their perfect instrument and as a consequence, the modern classical guitars of today continue to evolve. There must always be a place for traditionally made guitars and the sound they produce but there will always be room for more research, experimentation and refinement.


The very best of traditional woods, contemporary materials and modern building methods are used in my range of John Price Concert Guitars.

Utilizing both musicianship and cabinet making skills, I take an intuitive approach when designing and building these instruments. His unique approach to the construction of the soundboard and the lattice that supports it greatly enhances the volume, tonal range and flexibility of nuance required in the modern style of guitar.

By coupling this type of soundboard with an arched, braceless back, sustain and projection are also greatly enhanced.


All of these features are complemented by a consistency in the setup of the guitar resulting in appreciable ease of playing offering the performer a greater scope of musical expression and interpretation.

His guitars have been chosen by many of the world's top concert and recording artists. 


  • STRING LENGTH: 65 cm
  • BACK AND SIDES: Myrtle wood arched back, bindings are made of blackwood (Tasmanian) with the fiddle-back figure, full gloss lacquer finish
  • NECK: Mahogany with 4 carbon fiber truss rods embedded under the fingerboard
  • TUNERS: Baljak Tuning Machines (Croatia)
  • ARMREST: Yes       
  • TOP: Canadian cedar braced with balsa & carbon fiber
  • FINGERBOARD: African Ebony

John Price

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