The Martinez Guitar Company is currently the world’s largest manufacturer of handmade classical guitars. Based in Port City of Guangzhou, China. The company led by Managing Director Alex Wang has worked closely with European Designers and Builders since the company was first founded in 1978. Instrument building is an ancient craft. Martinez, whilst using traditional methods, employs an innovative design which borrows from both the past and the future. With a combination of modern machining techniques and traditional handcrafting, the Martinez Standard series is perfectly engineered for the market where demand for quality needs to meet competitive pricing. A special feature of this series is performer playability, where design has been optimized to aid playability.




Top: Solid Spruce or Ceder

Back and sides: Rosewood

Fretboard: Rosewood

Neck: Cedar

String length: 610 mm

Francisco Tatay

€ 300,00Price