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In 1984, armed with a stack of wood, a saw, a chisel, a pot of glue, and Irving Sloane's "Classical Guitar Construction" as his guide, Otto embarked on his journey to craft guitars in the attic of his Amsterdam home. Using an old pool table as his makeshift workbench, Otto's passion for guitar making took root.

Enduring six months of tireless dedication and sleepless nights, Otto proudly fashioned his first guitar. Motivated by this initial success, he continued refining his craft, showcasing each new creation to anyone with a connection to guitar playing. This iterative process, guided by valuable feedback, became his perfect method. Over the years, Otto Vowinkel honed his skills, evolving into a meticulous guitar maker with an impeccable eye for detail.

In 1989, fate led him to collaborate with Dutch guitar maker Alex 'Alejandro' van der Horst. United by their vision of the "ideal guitar" - one with a flexible tone, quick response, and sound quality as the essence of volume - they worked together harmoniously.

Today, Otto Vowinkel is a renowned name in the classical guitar world, attracting a global clientele. Born and raised in the heart of Amsterdam by a family of tailors, his guitars are a testament to his passion and craftsmanship.

The unique rosette design on Otto's guitars showcases the motif from the flag of Amsterdam, while the headstock is intricately carved in the style of his workshop's facade. Renowned for their clear vibrato, poetic highs, and deep bass tones, Otto Vowinkel guitars have gained acclaim worldwide.

Testimonials from satisfied customers highlight the exceptional qualities of Otto's instruments. From the ease of playability to the characteristic timbre, Otto Vowinkel's guitars stand out. With a preference for traditionally built instruments, Otto's concert guitars boast a French-polished shellac finish. The rosette design, featuring herringbone in the purfling surrounding the mosaic, pays homage to Amsterdam's flag.

Whether in the hands of Petko Genkov in Dubai or Jacob Vlijm in the Netherlands, Otto Vowinkel's guitars are celebrated for their physical lightness, incredible playability, responsiveness, and powerful tones. The culmination of Otto's dedication to detail and his affinity for traditionally crafted guitars results in instruments with outstanding tonal qualities, even sound color, and perfect intonation.

Notably, Frederick Boette Jr. in South Africa expresses gratitude for owning a beautiful guitar for 12 years, considering it unparalleled. Similarly, Yiannis Giagourtas from Greece shares the evolving depth and volume of his new guitar after just two days of performance. Otto Vowinkel's guitars continue to captivate and resonate with musicians worldwide.


  • Guitar: Otto Vowinkel, Concert model 2023
  • Top: Canadian cedar
  • Back and sides: Indian rosewood
  • Tuners: Alessi
  • Hiscox Guitar case

Otto Vowinkel - Concert Model 2023

€ 8.500,00Price
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