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PRUDENCIO SAEZ has been a Spanish guitar factory since 1963. It has been building guitars in the purest artisan-handmade style, moving forward with time and the market needs. SAEZ has built the most basic student guitar to the concert model guitars.

In specific models, it is as if time had stopped because its caring craftsmanship is still totally handmade and also due to the need for this type of instrument.

Excellent price-quality relationship is a principal characteristic of SAEZ guitars.

PRUDENCIO SAEZ is known nationally and internationally, since most of its production is destined for foreign countries.


Top: Cedar (Lattice)

Back and sides: Rosewood

Fretboard: Rosewood

Neck: Cedar

String length: 650 mm

Prudencio Saez 1-PS

€ 1.300,00Price
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