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Guitar Salon Vadya / Kitarski Salon Vadya / Nakup Kitare v Ljubljani


Welcome to Guitar Salon Vadya, a place where we combine our passion for guitars and music with the best offerings in the market. Our founder, Alen Garagić, a professional concert guitarist and teacher, has created a salon that showcases some of the best concert, student, and acoustic guitars. As the owner of Divya Records, an audio and video production company based in Ljubljana, Alen adds value to his musical passion by sharing it with you through a selection of only the highest quality and most successful instruments.

Our salon offers you a collection of the finest classical, acoustic, and flamenco guitars. These instruments are tailored for both promising students and experienced professionals. We aim to provide you with a premium musical experience by offering carefully selected instruments at affordable prices.

As guitar enthusiasts and active guitarists, we meticulously test each guitar in our salon. We believe that each guitar carries its unique quality, despite similar materials. This allows you to confidently choose only the best with us.

Our collection of concert, student, and acoustic guitars includes modern construction techniques such as double top, traditional Spanish construction, and lattice bracing construction. We also offer handmade classical guitars adapted to different playing levels.

Browse our collection of top-notch manufacturers, and you will undoubtedly find your new favourite guitar at Guitar Salon Vadya. Shop confidently as we are your destination for the best concert, student, and acoustic guitars. We are also the go-to place for buying and selling guitars in Slovenia.

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