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Guitar Salon Vadya was created by Alen Garagic, professional guitarist, professor and producer, who also owns and runs the audio and video production company Divya Records in Ljubljana (Slovenia).


In our salon we pride ourselves on offering the best concert and student classical guitars on the market.


Our passion for guitars and music inspired us to create this salon, to offer young, emerging guitar students and professionals the opportunity to purchase high-quality guitars at affordable prices.


As guitarists ourselves, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise, so are well-appointed to specialize in premium-quality and rare classical guitars. We select the best models from every price range because we know that not every guitar is good, even if it is built by the same craftsman or made of the same materials. Each model available in our salon is carefully hand-picked and rigorously tested by us, so you know you are buying the very best.


We have started by bringing you a select inventory of concert and student guitars, in a collection that focuses on three styles of modern classical guitar construction. The first is the double top, or Nomex, the second is traditional Spanish style and the third is the lattice sound bracing guitar, or Smallman-style guitar.


We have handmade classical guitars for sale to suit a range of skill levels. Browse our collection of classical guitar brands and we are certain you will discover your new favorite instrument right here at Guitar Salon Vadya.

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