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Are you a fan of dynamic styles infused with vibrant highlights? If so, the Bam France Hoody line is tailor-made for you. Designed to effortlessly complement your Bam guitar case, these Hoodies instantly elevate any look. Not only do they add a distinctive touch to your style, but they also serve the dual purpose of caring for and protecting your case. Remarkably lightweight, these Hoodies boast a perfect blend of functionality and fashion.

Building on the success of our Hoody line, we've taken it to the next level by incorporating high-quality leather details and introducing a matching strap that aligns seamlessly with the Bam France aesthetic. This enhancement transforms the Hoody into the ideal companion for our luggage range. Embrace the mantra of traveling with style – our Hoody line ensures you make a lasting impression wherever you go and whenever you arrive. Elevate your journey with the perfect blend of fashion and functionality.


€ 156,00Price
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