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Vasilis Vasileiadis was born in Grevena, Greece. He studied automation engineering and also worked within the field of woodworking. His interest in stringed instruments goes back to the early 80s when he built his first handmade classical guitar.

Every instrument built by Vasilis receives his undivided attention and devotion to create an ideal sound experience that meets the player's needs.

The tonewoods he is using are of excellent quality, carefully selected by specialized suppliers, and certified.

The guitars are finished in French polish of shellac in combination with natural resins and other synthetic oils, all applied by hand, resulting in admired instruments for their flawless classical beauty.

For the construction of the top of the guitar, Vasilis uses lattice bracing from balsa wood and carbon fibers or traditional bracing methods in combination with a double top technique using Nomex lamination.

The tone balance and evenness in these models are achieved through the resonance of the top and the back of the guitar.

As a result, each guitar is handcrafted to the highest quality to ensure rich and robust sound, outstanding playability with an exquisite finish.

Vasilis Vasileiadis - Concert, 2022

€ 5.400,00Price
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