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Yulong Guo Chamber Concert

Welcome to Guitar Salon Vadya, where we offer an exquisite selection of classical, flamenco and acoustic guitars, perfect for both concert and student use.

Guitar teachers and professional musicians alike highly cherish our guitars, and we invite you to elevate your musical experience with us. Our collection is carefully curated to combine unparalleled quality with accessibility, providing you with a range of instruments that will truly inspire. Start exploring our selection today and find your perfect musical companion.

Discover a world of exceptional acoustic and classical guitars, all available HERE!

Concert Guitars

Experience musical brilliance with our premium concert, classical, and acoustic guitars.

Join us and discover elite guitars cherished by guitar teachers and professional musicians alike. Experience the brilliance of music with our premium collection of concert, classical, and acoustic guitars. Guitar Salon Vadya offers an exclusive selection of guitars that are carefully curated to provide the highest sound quality and impeccable craftsmanship. Our guitar salon is your gateway to a flawless musical experience, featuring an extensive range of exceptional student, concert, classical, and acoustic guitar masterpieces, all under one roof. 


Join us today and discover elite guitars that are cherished by guitar teachers and professional musicians alike.

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Student Guitars

Unlock your musical potential with our top-tier student guitars.


Guitar Salon Vadya is proud to introduce our meticulously crafted guitars, designed for both novice and advanced players. We focus on providing quality sound and tailored craftsmanship to ensure your musical journey starts on the right note. Our collection of student guitars is carefully curated to give you the best experience in the realm of music. Join us in crafting unique musical narratives where quality and authenticity resonate in every chord.

Explore the best quality guitars available in the market.



If you want to have an unmatched guitar experience in Slovenia, choose Guitar Salon Vadya!


Premium Concert Guitars

Indulge in the opulence of impeccable sound and flawless artistry with concert guitars handpicked by renowned educators and seasoned musicians.


Student Guitars for All Levels

Looking for high-quality guitars for students? Our collection is designed to meet the needs of both beginners and advanced players. With a focus on excellent sound and easy playability, you can be confident that our guitars will help you or your student succeed.


Handcrafted Guitars

Discover our exquisite collection of handmade guitar masterpieces, crafted with love and passion. Now available for purchase in Slovenia.


"Premium guitars with fast delivery."

Experience speedy delivery of Slovenia's finest guitars. Opt for quality with Guitar Salon Vadya.


Tested and Verified

We take pride in subjecting every guitar in our salon to a series of rigorous tests that guarantee unparalleled quality and sound performance.


Choose Us for Your Next Guitar Purchase

Guitar Salon Vadya is the go-to place for the finest guitars in Slovenia. Start your musical journey today!

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